Renovations and Thank You’s

Vincentian wants to offer a big “Thank You”  to our facilities teams, working groups and everyone who has been involved in a number of renovations across our system. These important projects will help better position each of our Homes in increasingly competitive markets and will provide tangible quality … Read More

“Wooden Wednesdays” and Other Lessons

I’ve been fortunate to become acquainted with Pirates Manager Clint Hurdle over the last few years. One thing Clint does that I admire is send an inspirational e-mail every day (except Sunday, that’s for family) to his players and leaders in the business community, including me. I share these messages … Read More

Preparing for the Silver Tsunami

It’s no secret that the “Silver Tsunami” is upon us. Some 500,000 Western Pennsylvania residents will retire in the next 20 years. At Vincentian, we are focused on designing experiences and systems that focus on living, not aging. To emphasize this message, we’ve even developed a new tagline: “It’s All … Read More

Vincentian’s New President & CEO

As a lifelong Western Pennsylvania native, Vincentian’s new President and CEO cites homegrown celebrities like Dan Marino and Andy Warhol among his favorites. You’d be hard pressed to find a bigger local sports fan, too.

Nick also knows healthcare – Pittsburgh healthcare, to be precise. He has spent the better … Read More

It’s All About You

People are the core of Vincentian’s mission; we exist to serve our residents. Likewise, the success of our ministries relies on the Sisters, volunteers, staff and benefactors that make up the Vincentian family. Here are a few measures we are taking to make sure your voice is heard:

Around Town

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In a City of Champions, Vincentian is in it to Win it!

Pittsburgh truly is a City of Champions. In areas like arts, sports, industry, healthcare, and technology, our region has set a standard of excellence for decades. We’re a city of winners, and we’re proud of it.

For Vincentian, winning means many things: optimal outcomes for our residents, comprehensive support for … Read More

Rock-a-thon Queen keeps on Rocking at Vincentian Home

Sister Lorraine Marie Ferlin is a one-woman rocking crew.

“They call me the Rock-a-thon Queen. They’re always teasing me,” said Sister Lorraine, 72, an 18-year resident of Vincentian Home in McCandless.

For six weeks before the annual “Rocking for Residents” fundraiser, Sister Lorraine sits in her wheelchair at the entrance … Read More