My Life Story By: Father George Palick

We would like to thank Joe Bullick, Historian, for inspiring this project.

It is respectfully dedicated to him, and those within the story who graced Father George’s journey.


When reflecting on his long life, Fr. George Palick says that he has seen the hand of Divine Providence writing the … Read More

Innovation in Action

Vincentian wants to offer a big “Thank You”  to our facilities teams, working groups and everyone who has been involved in a number of renovations across our system. These important projects will help better position each of our Homes in increasingly competitive markets and will provide tangible quality … Read More

Our Christmas Wish: A Shift in Thinking on Senior Care

The holidays are a time for family get-togethers, where loved ones reconnect. But after the party, we often forget about the burden on our volunteer caregivers, many of whom are caring for both elderly relatives and their own children.

The Pittsburgh Regional Caregivers Survey (Dec. 6, “Pitt Report: Age Issues … Read More

Preparing for the Silver Tsunami

It’s no secret that the “Silver Tsunami” is upon us. Some 500,000 Western Pennsylvania residents will retire in the next 20 years. At Vincentian, we are focused on designing experiences and systems that focus on living, not aging. To emphasize this message, we’ve even developed a new tagline: “It’s All … Read More