Commemorative Gifts

Commemorative gifts are a wonderful way to honor a loved one. Gifts in current or former residents’ names are always accepted with gratitude. You can also consider a lasting gift of beauty at one of our campuses. Pavers, trees, and benches are available to dedicate to loved ones:

  • Pavers – Located in the Wander Garden at Vincentian Home, engraved pavers display your community spirit in a well-loved, peaceful garden.
  • Trees – Mature trees grace all campuses of the Vincentian System contributing to the beautiful urban oasis at each facility. You can dedicate one of these beautiful trees in honor or memory of a loved one. A special plaque will be made to order and placed by your tree on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Park Benches – Residents and visitors enjoy the fresh air sitting outdoors on our beautiful park benches. A select number of benches at each home will receive commemorative plaques.

Caritas Society

It’s a profound gift. It’s a way to ensure that the causes close to your heart carry on beyond your lifetime. And, it’s a deeply personal part of who you are and how you’ll be remembered.

The Caritas Society provides special recognition for those who have made provisions for one of our ministries in a will or estate. Members of the society receive invitations to special events, programs and presentations of interest. The Caritas Society stands as a testament to the Vincentian legacy that will be passed on from one generation to the next.

Did You Know?

  • Anyone can make a gift from their will or estate.
  • Some gifts can provide a source of income for life or significant tax advantages.
  • You can even make a gift today that costs you nothing during your lifetime.

The Vincentian Charitable Foundation invites you to join the Caritas Society as an expression of your support for our ministries. Your participation in the Caritas Society would mean the world to our residents.

Vincentian Society

Saint Vincent de Paul understood that to love the least fortunate among us is to honor God. It is in his tradition of compassion that the Sisters founded the Vincentian system more than 90 years ago to care for the needy elderly in Pittsburgh. And, today, the Vincentian Society stands as a voice for Vincent, the Great Apostle of Charity.

Vincentian Society members set the standard for charitable giving to our ministries. Membership in the Vincentian Society is granted to individuals who contribute at least $1,000 annually to a Vincentian ministry. These vital donors change lives through their philanthropic leadership.

  • Ensure the continuation of the mission and values of our founders.
  • Deepen individual understanding of, commitment to and support for our core values.
  • Provide aid to those in need as St. Vincent de Paul and St. Louise de Marillac did.
  • Heighten the quality of life for seniors, preserve human dignity and sustain the Vincentian ministries.

Donor Choices

Donate a Vehicle

If you have an old gas guzzler you want to get rid of, Vincentian wants it! Vincentian has teamed up with Vehicles for Charity to make donating your used vehicle to Vincentian easy.

United Way

Directing your gift through the United Way of Allegheny County remains a popular and convenient choice. Please use the following codes:
Vincentian Marian Manor: 275
Vincentian Child Development Center: 3066
Vincentian de Marillac: 3819
Vincentian Home: 478
Vincentian Charitable Foundation: 10559722