Planning a Visit?

Visitors are always welcome. We ask that if you are not feeling well, and especially if you are having flu-like symptoms, that you do not visit to protect residents and staff.

Tips for a good visit:

  • Knock before entering a resident’s room as a courtesy and it is a state regulation.
  • Orient a resident to the date, time, and your name.
  • Leave a note that states you visited. Residents are sometimes forgetful and family members will be pleased to know that their loved one had company.
  • Be patient. Give residents time to express themselves.
  • Residents love children and dogs! If you’d like to bring a pet, it must be on a leash and current with shots. Animals are allowed in resident rooms and dining areas as long as food is not being served. Animals are not permitted in enclosed gardens and courtyards. Check with staff at each home regarding pet visitation policy.
  • Come for dinner — share meals with your loved ones during your visit.


  • Wash your hands upon entering and when leaving the facility.
  • Never visit when you are not feeling well.
  • Do not offer food or drink to a loved one unless you know their current dietary needs. If a loved one requests food or drink, seek out staff for assistance.
  • Never take a resident to the bathroom or transfer a resident from bed to chair. Press the call bell for help. State safety regulations require that this type of assistance be performed only by staff.
  • Heed signage that reads “See Nurse Before Entering” to avoid possible exposure to a communicable disease. Exercise especially good hygiene and care during visits of this nature.
  • If you have been exposed to blood, go to a nursing station for assistance.
  • If a resident is injured during your visit, report it to the nurse. All accidents must be documented.
  • Report problems or unusual behaviors to the charge nurse.